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Ayura Herbal Juice


Take your health in your hand and make the first step for the sake of your body by regularly consuming Ayura Herbal juice!

At Kasetsart University at the Kamphaeng Sam Campus dr. Permpong Sriprasertsak Phd, who holds a doctor’s degree in microbiology and herbal medicine, used several decades’ research experience when developing immunity boosting drinks. The most efficient of these, which also has the widest application, is Ayura Herbal Juice. The drink certified by Thai health authorities won the rewarding title: “Best Herbal Elixir” in its country.

The herbal juice is based on the theory of the traditional East-Asian medicine Ayurveda. This is the most ancient medical healing system, which is also the basis of Chinese and Tibetan healing. It means holistic knowledge about a healthy life and the secret of a long and healthy life. The therapy aims to resolve the energetic disorder and the lack of harmony in the body caused by an inappropriate diet and lifestyle, negative emotions, stress and environmental harms, sustain good health and facilitate a life without suffering. The joint effects of the ingredients based on several thousand years’ traditional popular medical experience guarantee that the juice meet all the above principles.

Ayura Herbal Juice consists of 100% natural herbal ingredients and does not contain chemicals or preservatives. Its complex herbal composition, bacteria and the organic substances accumulated as a result of its unique fermentation process make it a unique product with a multifold impact. Thanks to the synergic effects of the herbal plants selected based on popular medical experience and justified by scientific research we have a product applicable for a wide therapeutic repertoire. You can use the elixir in itself for the prevention of illnesses or for complementing a medical treatment.



Anyone may apply the herbal elixir even on a continuous basis. Children may consume it from the age of 3. For best effect drink it on an empty stomach with a large amount of liquid; in the case of inflammatory intestinal diseases, take it after eating. The starting daily dose is 30 ml, which can be gradually increased up to 90 ml, divided to 1 - 3 times a day. Keep refrigerated after opening and shake it before use!


ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value: 17,904! (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity, which serves for measuring the antioxidant capacity of food and dietary supplements)

For comparison: the ORAC value of 100g of

  • prune: 5,700
  • Acai berries: 3,800
  • blueberries: 2,400

(recommended daily intake of nutrients: 5,000 ORAC)


  •          prune: 5,700
  •          Acai berries: 3,800
  •          blueberries: 2,400

(recommended daily intake of nutrients: 5,000 ORAC)



This product does not replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, and is not suitable as a replacement of medical treatment or healing.

In the case of an existing known illness, consult your doctor before use.

For safety reasons keep out of the reach of children!